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by Susan Royal

  Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her
Cameron Diaz and Amy Brenneman in Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her.
It's a film with seven choice roles for actresses of assorted types and ages. No wonder producer Jon Avnet thought the screenwriter of Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her was female when he first read the script -- minus the cover page. Avnet thought "she (actually first time director-writer Rodrigo Garcia) "got women in a way I hadn't read in years."

The writing was strong enough to attract the talents of Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Holly Hunter, Amy Brenneman, Kathy Baker and Valeria Golino to this tale of five loosely-interwoven love stories unfolding in Los Angeles. "What Rodrigo put on the page was so compelling that there was no real alternative for me," explains Close.

The resulting ensemble piece features the finest performances some of these actresses have ever given (most notably, Holly Hunter and Cameron Diaz). Garcia, a veteran cinematographer (Lola, Mi Vida Loca), says, "It was the cast of a lifetime. People keep telling me you'll never have a cast like this again. And you know, if I don't, it will have been fair because it has been a great experience."

Inexplicably, MGM has cancelled plans to release the film in theatres this summer and slotted it for a January release on Showtime.

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