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by Susan Royal

A 3D version of Bart Simpson (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) in Cyberworld 3D.
Forget those horrible cellophane 3D glasses of yesteryear, along with those out-of registration ghosts on the screen. Don your LCD headgear, settle back and experience the first real 3D courtesy of CyberWorld 3D, a visually stunning animated Imax film, presented by Intel, featuring 3D computer-generated animation and Imax's SANDDE animation technology.

A "brain fire" at the heart of the mountain lair in Cyberworld 3D.
The film is built around already-existing animation clips (such as the bar scene from ANTZ) which are introduced in new footage by an animated host named Phig, played by Jenna Elfman. Some segments are dazzling, such as KraKKen, which explores an imaginary underwater world. Some are humorous, such as the segment featuring a famous Simpsons Halloween show. It begins with cell-style animation as it was originally seen on television, but when Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Bart (Nancy Cartwright) enter an alternative universe behind the bookcase, it segues into CG animation and we experience Bart and Homer in three dimensions.

For those who would like a true 3D movie experience, CyberWorld 3D is definitely worth a trip to your local Imax theatre. Go to:

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